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Sustainable Living at Viridian, China Green

Viridian has been designed with the future in mind by implementing sustainable measures to deliver an efficient development with minimal environmental impact.

Apartments, by their very nature, are one of the most efficient types of dwelling, especially when compared with larger houses, but Viridian hopes to take this a step further with an innovative design and the delivery of spacious and elegant apartments which respect and respond to the environment.

Utilising the location and landform to help us, the orientation of Viridian not only provides views across trees and parks but allows the morning sun to filter into apartments while limiting exposure to the midday heat and maximising the cooling effects of the south west breeze.

Throughout the design sustainable features and products have been implemented, not only to help you as a resident to reduce your environmental footprint, but also to save you money when it comes to energy bills.

Sustainability features include:

  • Solar passive design with an average 7 start NatHERS rating
  • Energy efficient LED and t5 fluorescent lighting
  • Lighting controls in common areas to reduce energy waste after hours
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Highly efficient Daiken variable refrigerant inverter technology air conditioning systems
  • Water efficient fixtures and landscaping
  • Capability to monitor energy and water use
  • Collection, storage and re-use of rainwater through the centralised hot water system
  • Waste collection and recycling systems

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